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Hi everyone Stefanie here!  

I wanted to draw your attention to a really amazing young man out in New Jersey that me and my husband got to know four years ago.

Hey Mon!  In St. Thomas, USVI

Hey Mon! In St. Thomas, USVI

Now you probably don’t know Sean Squires, but he has cystic fibrosis.  He has a disease that affects 200,00 people in the United States.  CF affects the lungs and the digestive system.  So far a cure has yet to be found.

My husband first met Sean through his father Bill while he was at Columbia University Grad School.  At the time, my soon to be hubby was running a minor league baseball team in Augusta, NJ.  It was the coolest ever!

We got together with the Squires family and launched a fundraising campaign with a huge event in the final month of the season.  Everyone on the baseball staff pitched in…totally amazing!

One of the interns had a company he knew make blue bats for the event.  Other interns created a series of giveaways from local companies in Northwest New Jersey to give prizes for fan participation.  We raffled off the bats and ended up raising $2000 that season.

That $2000 gives young adults like Sean and children the help they need to battle cystic fibrosis.  So as our readers this is what we’re asking you to do…if you haven’t signed up to our mailing list, please do so.  We’ve pledge to donate $1 every time someone does.  

There’s no money involved on your end.  It’s all about educating everyone on what Sean’s Pals is about.  While a dollar may not seem like much, it all counts and every bit definitely helps.  See cystic fibrosis is labeled an “orphan disease” or in other words, because it affects a small portion of the population it doesn’t get federal research funding.

Here’s what you can do, visit the Sean’s Pals homepage by clicking here:  Sean’s Pals.  Then come back to us, subscribe to our free recipes list.  You’ll get free recipes, guest posts by A-list bakers and of course, updates on how the fundraising is going!

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